"You can Talk the Talk, But can you Walk the Walk?"

Scott Owens, TN. 24 years of Law Enforcement Experience. Drug Recognition Expert and K9 Handler.  Federally Certified Criminal Interdiction Instructor.

Most memorable stops: Interdiction of Notorious Human Trafficker, Damion Baston and the seizure of 1.4 million in illicit currency on a "Cold Stop"

Author of "Changes in Driving Behavior"

Brett Spivy, TN. 13 years of Law Enforcement Experience. Narcotics Investigator and K9 Handler/Trainer.

Most memorable stops: 3.5 kilos of cocaine, from father and son crew, now indited for murder and 340 lbs of Marijuana on a "Cold Stop". 

Author of all Dark Horse's k9 Blocks of Instruction

Cecil Brownfield, fl. 22 years of law enforcement experience. Narcotics Investigator, K9 Handler, clandestine lab certified, certified Fl Law Enforcement Trainer.

Most Memorable stops: 3 kilos that lead to multiple seizure up and down the eastern seaboard and recovery of a 9 year old human trafficking victim.

Author of "The Hybrid High" Synthetics

Paul Woodside, WA. 22 years of Law enforcement experience. Narcotics Investigator, K9 handler and Federally Certified Criminal Interdiction Instructor along with having a vast array of knowledge of Commercial Vehicles and Compartments 

Most memorable stops: a cold stop that resulted in only a 4lb seizure of marijuana, but that Traffic stop began Paul's love of criminal interdiction.

2nd most memorable stop, was as a new k9 officer, a cold stop resulted in the interception and seizure of 9lbs of methamphetamine.

Matt Earls, SC. 20 years of law enforcement experience. Interstate and Rural Interdiction officer. 

Most memorable stops: 

Author of our "Hotel/Motel" Block

Russ Hittle, PA. 27 years of law enforcement Experience. Federally Certified Criminal Interdiction Instructor. Prior HSI Task Force Officer.

Most  memorable stops: Interception of a money launderer for the Sunni rebels in Iraq and seizure of 20k of illicit currency from a human trafficker. Both turned over to a federal agency.

Marty Penny, Tn. 28  years 0f law enforcement experience. Narcotics investigator and k9 handler.

most memorable stops: 27 lbs of marijuana on a cold stop and the interdiction of a wanted murder suspect based on driving behavior.


MOST MEMORABLE STOPS: 147 KILOS OF METHAMPHETAMINE AND 127 kilos of cocaine, both from cold stops.

Author of our "Fuel Theft" Block

Billy Jones, GA. 21 years of law enforcement experience.

Most memorable cases: #1 most impactful case, was a chase of a vehicle that lead to the recovery of a 14 year old, sex trafficking victim. #2 was a parcel case that began with the seizure of 1 ounce of marijuana. Further investigation lead to the seizure of 25 lbs of methamphetamine, 20 lbs of marijuana, thousands of prescription drugs and $50k in illicit currency. 

Author of our "Parcel Interdiction' Block

Jason St Romain, LA. 25 years of law enforcement experience. 20 years as a k9 handler. Federally certified criminal interdiction instructor.

Most memorable cases: Traffic stop based on changes in driving behavior, where Jason rescued a 22 year old female trafficking victim. Jason also interdicted a wanted murderer from CT, that was in possession of 4 kilos of cocaine.